EPOCH Integra Elite Lacrosse Elbow Caps

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  • The NEW Integra Elite Elbow Caps are designed to give elite players a streamlined feel while providing maximum protection and comfort at the highest level of play. Engineered using Epoch’s 2-step molded multi density foam, hard-shell cap and composite material for unrivaled protection during the toughest plays, the Elite Elbow Caps are a must-have. Experience true comfort with Epoch’s New form fitting compression sleeve designed to give players a more comfortable fit during gameplay while reducing slippage and bunching. Epoch’s Sandwich Locking System will keep your gear secure during game play for unmatched performance on the field.
  • Composite Material
  • Player Core Control Ft. S. Café® Technology
  • 2-Step Molded Multi Density Foam
  • Dual Strap Sandwich Locking System
  • Form Fitting Compression Sleeve
  • Hard Shell Cap
  • Warranty: 30-days

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Epoch Integra Protective 2020

Epoch Lacrosse, a U.S. design and technology company that specializes in lacrosse, proudly announces the release of their newest line of protective equipment: the 2020 Integra protective line. The new 2020 Integra Protective Line includes their brand new Select, Pro and Elite Gloves, Elite arm protection and Elite shoulder pads. Each piece of equipment is highly engineered and provides players with the most technologically advanced, lightweight, and comfortable protective gear on the market. Epoch’s new line focuses on being “future proof” with some of their newest materials sourced specifically for the 2020 Integra Line, such as Player Core Control with S.Cafe Technology and ARIAPRENE®. “We are proud to be releasing the latest in technology and engineering with our 2020 Integra line of protective equipment,” said James Miceli, principal at Epoch Lacrosse. “Integra has always offered players the best in protection, which is absolutely paramount in lacrosse, and this line is no exception. Our engineers have worked tirelessly to create this innovative Integra line and give players a superior combination of comfort, mobility, and protection.” The Integra Select, Pro, and Elite gloves are the next evolution in protection, comfort, and performance. The Integra Select, Pro, and Elite gloves are offered at different price points giving players an elite level glove at any price point. The Elite is priced at $149.99, Pro at $129.99 and the Select at $99.99. New for 2020, The Integra Elite’s palm has a truly stitch-less palm that increases the players connection from their hands to their lacrosse stick. This is achieved by using a sonic weld on the one-piece palm and completely gets rid of stitches in key areas on the palm. The Select, Pro, and Elite gloves all feature a unique Axe Suede One-Piece palm for increased feel. Epoch’s Integra Pro, Elite Gloves and Integra Elite Arm Protection incorporate ARIAPRENE®, an innovative protective material that gives you an unmatched combination of comfort, mobility, and protection. ARIAPRENE® is an environmentally friendly performance material designed to feel and perform like a second skin, allowing the user to experience unrestricted movement control with impact properties. ARIAPRENE® foam-core technology surpasses all the required restricted substance lists and was built to be environmentally "future-proof.” The Integra Select, Pro, Elite Gloves and Integra Elite Arm Protection also utilize a new technology: Player Core Control with S. Café® technology. Café® technology, with a low-temperature, high-pressure and energy saving process, combines co¬ffee grounds in the yarn surface, changing the characteristics of the filament, and o¬ffers up to 200% faster drying time compared to cotton. The micro-pores on S. Café® co¬ffee grounds absorb odors and reflect UV rays at all times. S.Cafe® is also a earth friendly, and sustainable textile. “Our Integra protective equipment has always been top of the line, and this year’s line brings it to a whole new level,” says Evan Mcdonell, Industrial Designer at Epoch Lacrosse. “We’ve taken the time to test each piece of gear with the very best in the sport of lacrosse through our athletes in the PLL, and the innovative technologies that we’re bringing to the latest Integra line of protective are absolute game-changers.” Epoch’s Integra Elite shoulder pads, arm pads, arm guards, elbow caps, and defensive caps are designed for the elite level athletes on the field. The Arm Protection features the latest of Epoch’s technologies, such as their sandwich locking system, new 2-step molded multi density foam, composite material and ARIAPRENE® in key slash zones. The Integra Elite arm protection also features their brand-new form fitting and breathable Compression Sleeve. The Integra Elite Shoulder Pads features Epoch’s new 2020 Player Core Control with S.Cafe® and ARIAPRENE® technology. They are engineered with dual density compression molded foam to have minimal bulk yet effective protection on the field. The Integra Elite shoulder pads feature Perforated PU for a modern look with removable bicep pads a large Velcro islands for effective fit and adjustment.