Stringking Women's Legend - Unstrung

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  • The Women's Legend lacrosse head features a stiff construction for added consistency and a pinched face shape to maximize control. It delivers legendary performance in any conditions.
  • Faster hands.

    The superior materials and design of the Women's Legend lacrosse head make it a stiff and durable weapon at only 117 grams. This gives you faster hands, faster shots, and more consistent performance.
  • More consistency.

    The Women's Legend lacrosse head maintains consistency with an ultra-stiff construction. Whether you're passing, shooting, or attacking loose balls, it delivers superior performance every time.
  • Increased control.

    The higher pocket placement and forward return of the Women's Legend lacrosse head create a more focused pocket, giving you more hold and better ball control.
  • Legal for international play.

    The Legend W lacrosse head is fully compliant with the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) and legal across all levels of play.