STX Axxis Womens Complete Stick

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  • STX pioneered a product as unique as the role of the athlete that uses it.
  • This stick is designed with one goal: to overrule your opponent and end the draw before it begins.
  • Push or pull with confidence and dexterity.
  • Maximize your potential with the all new Draw ClawTM technology, and gain possession in the moments that matter.
  • For a stick exclusive to the demands of the draw specialist, STX combined a game-changing head design with some of their most effective handle technology, but with a few added twists.
  • An unconventional shape designed to dig and direct
  • This specialized shape is meant to nest inside the other heads, resulting in advanced control of the ball the moment the whistle is blown
  • Draw ClawTM technology naturally grabs hold of the ball. The unique head silhouette is engineered to gain the advantage over other heads and give you added leverage to win the draw.
  • Shortened Throat: The AxxisTM head features a shortened throat for increased maneuverability and to allow you to get your hand closer to the ball.
  • Speed Scoop: Top string protection and improved ground ball pick up allows the player to scoop the ball quicker, with less drag.
  • Varied Handle: The varied handle design features two profile shapes transitioning from top to bottom. The AxxisTM is the first handle strategically designed around the unique hand placement of the draw specialist.
  • Dual Grip: Dual grip zones included for maximum hold and tactile response
  • 10 Degree: Precision-crafted 10o heads and handles create perfectly balanced sticks, and naturally drive the ball to the sweet spot for a quicker release.

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