Lacrosse is our pride and joy, and we want you to start playing as soon as possible. The opportunities for athletic and professional growth for your child in the form of physical ability, mental development and scholarship opportunity are endless. But, we get it; getting started can be an overwhelming process. There seems to be a million different pieces of equipment available to you, and each of those pieces of equipment are available in a million different options. Lucky for you, we’re here to help, and here is everything you need in order to start your lax career today.

The Essentials:

There are a few things you literally cannot step onto the field without, so let’s start there…

The Stick

You need a lacrosse stick, plain and simple. A complete stick is composed of a strung head and a lacrosse shaft. If you are just getting started, you can buy a complete stick that has all of these components already built, and you’ll be ready to use it right after walking out of the store. Some great starter sticks for young kids are the STX Stallion 50 Complete Stick or the String King Starter Jr. Complete Stick. For a more intermediate, middle school/high school player we offer a wide range of complete sticks here to get you ready for game day.

You can also assemble individual components with an unstrung head that you can custom string and dye, and you'll pair that with a shaft of your liking. However, for a new player just learning the game, going with a complete stick can be more cost efficient when figuring out the best style of play for you.

The Helmet:

Head protection in sports is priority 1 these days, and a lacrosse helmet is required to participate. This one’s pretty straight forward; there are options for youth players that will fit a smaller sized head, and options for older players as well. There are also options for a one-sized fits all helmet, as well as options for sized out helmets. You can shop all helmet options here and even have the option to customize your look!

Shoulder Pads:

Shoulder pads offer protection for the chest and shoulders since lacrosse can be a high contact sport. Under the new rules passed in 2021, all shoulder pads must be approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE), with updated chest padding. You can choose which pads work best for you based on comfort and play style. There are lightweight pads for speedy players and pads with more protection for players who lay out big hits and take a lot of checks. We would recommend heading to a store and trying them on to see what works best for you, but all shoulder pads can be shopped on our site here.


Those hands need protecting. The lacrosse glove has sort of become an icon in the game, and it really allows you to choose your look and feel. There are tons of options, from the beginner pairs offering maximum protection to the most elite pairs offering movability without sacrificing protection. Shop all gloves here.

Arm Pads:

Take it from us, the arm bruises are a sure thing. From taking shots to taking checks, you are going to want to protect your arms as much as possible, and the game agrees, so you have to wear arm pads to play. These can range from big and super protective, to lightweight and minimally protective to allow a greater range of motion. For those just getting into the game, we’d recommend something a little bulky until you are used to the physicality of the game. Check out our arm pad selection here.


Okay, so these aren’t technically an essential. By all means you can go out and play in sneakers, but this isn’t safe and your performance will be hurt badly by the inability to make quick cuts and accelerate. We would never recommend going out onto the field without cleats on, so we’re adding it to the list of essentials. We’ve got the largest selection of cleats in lacrosse, and you can find the perfect pair for you here.


Dental work is expensive, and you don’t want your kid walking around toothless. Be sure to grab a mouthpiece to not only make sure they are protected, but also eligible to play.


Your kid is going to complain about this one, but don't let them sway you. It is very important they wear a cup and protect their most sensitive area. Shop our cup and short here.

As you become more comfortable with the game, you will learn what type of equipment works best for you, but for those just getting started, we do offer starter and intermediate sets of equipment to get you game-ready as soon as possible. Check out all of our protective sets here, and good luck starting your career!


There are some extra items we would recommend playing to optimize play and protection that aren’t necessarily required, but should be looked at as serious additions to your bag.


Taping your lacrosse stick helps maximize grip. It can increase your torque on shots, and help create more accurate passes. Overall, it just helps elevate your game, and can be helpful for medical needs as well.

Rib Pads:

Like we said early, lacrosse is physical. When just getting started, you’ll want to protect yourself at all costs. The ribs are a delicate part of the body, and rib pads can help prevent injury that may leave you sidelined for some time.


Turf fields are becoming more and more popular, and wearing turf shoes versus regular cleats help improve performance while also preventing injuries that can be caused by wearing normal cleats on turf fields. Check out our blog on why you should buy both a pair of cleats and a pair of turf shoes here.

A Bag:

The amount of equipment can be cumbersome. You don’t want to have your hands full everywhere you go, so grab yourself a bag to easily transport your stuff and consolidate things for a long day on the field whether you’re going to practice, a game or a tournament. Trust us, you won’t regret it.


Work 'em on your game. Just like everything else, you won't get anywhere without practice. Grab a bucket of balls, hit the wall, hit the cage, work on your ground balls. Do what you can to perfect your craft. No days off.  

Water Bottle:

Stay hydrated out there, and help save the planet. We've got reusable water bottles that are perfect for a game, a practice or a tournament. Grab your LU Water Bottle here.


We also offer some awesome apparel. From lifestyle tees to athletic shorts to compression gear to graphic shorts, we offer everything you need on and off the field. See some options below and check out our full selection at