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The Maverik Max EKG Goalie Pad

Saftey is more important than ever in the game of lacrosse. Maverik takes safety to heart literally, by introducing the Maverik Max EKG Goalie Pad. This pad is engineered to protect the heart and help prevent Commotio Cordis. Check out the importance of getting NOCSAE approved pads and why you need the Maverik Max EKG goalie pad. 

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Warrior Evo: Most Comfortable Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

Safe, Comfortable, Lightweight. Those are the first three words that come to mind when talking about the Warrior Evo Shoulder Pads. These NOCSAE approved pads will keep you safe without interfering with your ability to move up and down the field. Check out why the Warrior Evo Shoulder Pads rank among the best in the game. 

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