kait devir building your brandkait devir building your brand

In the world of sports, we don’t see that many content creators. There’s often a fear of the criticism, a lack of motivation to put the time in to edit videos, or an inability to see the opportunity your brand offers. Kait Devir doesn’t fall into any of those categories. Kait has been consistently growing her following and expanding her brand, and now she is a leading content creator in not only lacrosse, but across the board in sports media. Kait started her YouTube channel three years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Fast forward to 2023, and Kait is doing media for Athletes Unlimited, USA Lacrosse, the NFL, USC Football, the NHL and so much more – all the while balancing her education and athletics as a full-time student athlete at USC! If you are ever staring down the obstacles in front of you, look to Kait’s story as an inspiration to start your journey in marketing the value you bring to the table. We touched base with Kait and learned about her path to success, but before we get into her story, be sure to check out Kait’s YouTube channel right here https://www.youtube.com/@kaitdevir .


When did you know that you wanted to be a content creator and work in media?

My senior spring in high school was a pivotal moment for my interest in photography and multimedia. In high school, I created lacrosse recruiting videos, team hype videos, and short form content like vlogs. I was only using a GoPro camera and editing on iMovie. I took a leap and decided to buy my first camera. At first, I was only photographing in Auto settings and was showing up to random high school baseball and lacrosse games. The thrill of capturing big moment plays and the team chemistry and camaraderie for athletes was the moment I knew I wanted to continue this hobby in college.  

What gave you the final push to start your channel?

I remember being in high school and trying to find content on my college lacrosse experience, and I felt like I had no idea what to expect. I wanted to make videos in college but didn’t know how to start. I was very intimidated to vlog in the fall of my freshman year. I was scared of what people would think of me as an athlete. I feared my teammates and coaches would think I wasn’t taking division one lacrosse seriously and was playing for the content. In 2020, I resolved to myself and the younger me that I would document my college lacrosse experience. I was told by a college coach that you only get four years of this; make it count. And that’s why I started my channel. I will always be a competitor in everything I do, but being able to create videos to look back upon, and playing lacrosse with my best friends, is priceless. I am so grateful that I picked up a camera, even if I was initially scared because picking up that camera has completely changed my life.

Which content creators did you watch before launching your YouTube channel? 

For me, I was always interested in the cinematic film of sports. I was inspired by Ty Rogers while he was a videographer for Michigan football. Another creator I watched was Grant Giszewski; his work for Notre Dame Football mesmerized me. Other creators in lacrosse at the time were Katie Defeo at USC, and Stelios Kroudis at Villanova. I enjoyed the lighthearted fun that Defeo had in her videos while Stelios produced crazy, cool game highlights and edits for his team. For my channel, I wanted a balance of both. I wanted to capture the personality and fun of playing college lacrosse while producing high-quality content for the women’s game.


How do you manage your time between all that you do(School, filming & editing videos, Kdevir Media)? How hard was it at the beginning compared to now?

Playing division one lacrosse is a job in itself. My typical day is packed with film, lift, practice, then transitioning to classes, all while caring about my nutrition, grades, recovery, and sleep. Then, I am adding filming and editing videos AND adding being a student intern for USC football. It is a lot. But I always go back to what that coach told me: “4 years, make it count”. I genuinely believe that I am doing that every single day. My competitive nature won’t let me quit. I pour my heart and all my effort into everything and anything I do. At first, the balance was tricky. I would spend countless hours trying to edit to perfection. I would feel unsatisfied by my work if it wasn’t perfect. I eventually realized this thought process was pessimistic and narrow-minded. But now I’m able to look back and see my growth as a vlogger, editor, and person. From the beginning to where I am now, it has always been challenging. There were weeks in the fall when I could not post a vlog every week. And that’s okay! It truly is all about balance. Finding a way to manage school, content, lax, and spending time with my teammates. Each week the balance may change; no week has been the same for me and how I manage my work. My change in perspective is very similar to how an athlete has to approach their sport, and for me that is lacrosse. There is no game where I will be perfect, and no game that will be the same as another. I applied this thought process to my content: no video will be perfectly edited, and no video will be like the last.

What are some opportunities that have come about that you don’t think would have if you didn’t start your YouTube channel?

When I first started vlogging, I was not making any money on the countless hours, nor was I getting many views for the edits I was posting. I was making them for my teammates and me, and the opportunity for me to live my life as a college lacrosse player was all I wanted! When the NCAA changed the rules on July 1st, 2021, giving athletes the ability to profit off their name, image, and likeliness, opportunities did not come flying at me. But I wasn’t discouraged in any way. I kept at it, whether it was my YouTube channel or my photography and multimedia skills. Vlogging at Boston College evolved who I was both behind the camera and in front of the camera. The most significant opportunity from my YouTube channel is being a creator who would help grow the game. I wish to impact the next generation of lacrosse players, and my videos and content play a very important role in my ability to do that.


What are you looking forward to most in 2023 for your brand?

Building my brand around my identity off the field is my goal for 2023. As athletes, we are much more than a stat, score, and performance. For my content on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, I want to share and create content about everything and anything in the amazing life I am living!!


Kait is a true inspiration to students and athletes who are looking to build their brand and contribute to something bigger than themselves. Her effort and determination are one in a million, and has turned her work from a hobby to an outlet for professional opportunity and success. We are excited to see how her career blossoms and urge up and coming student athletes to follow the path she is paving for the future! Congratulations to Kait on everything that you have accomplished thus far, there are only bigger things coming your way, and thank you for helping grow this game we love so dearly!