Cascade XRS Youth Lacrosse Helmet (White Shell/Chrome Facemask)

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WE WENT ALL IN SO YOU CAN GO ALL OUT. The XRS Youth combines all of our best protection-first technology, innovative design characteristics, attention to detail, comfort, and style so you can confidently leave it all on the field. Our safest, most comfortable, highest performing helmet — we’re all in.

    • High-strength magnets built into the new QUICKCLIP chinstrap system take the guess work out of ensuring your shinstrap is secured, so you can focus on the game ahead.
    • Three different liner technologies unite to optimally address variable force impacts. Each piece of the Tri-Liner system integrates perfectly with each other to create a 360° Fit for the ultimate protection-first package.
    • Best-In-Class XFlo ventilation ports offer 2X breathability. Balanced and aligned, the XRS Youth is designed with the center of gravity directly at the crown of the head.
    • With our new VIXION system, we have increased peripheral vision by 20+% creating a maximum field of view so you can see it all. The Visionbar’s PowerPress technology decreases wire diameter on the top bar to improve sight lines and increase face mask rigidity.
    • With over 9.6 million different color combinations, you can find a truly unique look for you, and your entire crew. Customize your helmet!
  • White chinstrap included
  • Recommended for children ages 10 and under 

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