ECD Carbon Pro 2.0 Lacrosse Shaft - Defense

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  • Tailored for ferocious defenders who leave you saying, “what just happened?” 
  • Whether you are a powerful outside shooter, a fast inside finisher, a take away defender, or a doorstep-shot saver, ECD has specifically tailored a new Carbon Pro 2.0 for your style.
  • ECD has paired their Kick Point Technology with new flex profiles and raised texture for a playing style-specific experience you will not find anywhere else.
  • On top of that, ECD has applied a long lasting and more durable paint and texture, which help increase the life of your shaft.
  • By using advanced composite materials and Flex Control Layering (FCL), ECD is able to provide a strong and lightweight shaft with controlled flex. This controlled flex provides an unmatched snap and feel to every shot. ECD's shafts come in a variety of flex levels, allowing you to choose the perfect amount of flex to match your game.
  • Weight: 195 Grams (6.8 oz)
  • Flex 8: Flex8 provides maximum snap and feel, perfect for players looking to maximize the power behind their shots and passes.
  • Low Kickpoint: Low Kick Point provides a powerful release. The Low Kick Point is perfect for the player who likes to let loose the explosive

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