ECD Carbon Pro 3.0 Lacrosse Shaft - Attack

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From its humble beginnings, the Carbon family of shafts has relied on technology to driveperformance and build trust.Now, the Carbon Pro 3.0 is here tocarryon a proud legacy of eliteperformance.

Crafted for elite playmakers,everyCarbon Pro 3.0is reinforcedwith Kevlar to give you the feelyou want with the durability you need.Each shaft features a specific shape, flex profile, KickPoint, and redesigned raised texturetailored for specific playing styles. So,while you’relandingkayak checks,throwingno-look passes, and firing blistering shots you can trust that your shafthas your back

Speed (30 in)

Updatedshapefeaturing increased concavity paired witha newraised texture for enhancedcontrol.Kevlarreinforcement forincreased durability.High Kick Point paired with a FLEX8 profile for a quick release.Sliding End Capfor your customization.

Power (30 in)

Kevlar reinforcement for increased durability.Extendedraisedtexturefor maximum control.Low Kick Pointpaired with a FLEX3 profile for a consistent, powerful release.Sliding End Cap for your customization