ECD Carbon Pro 3.0 Lacrosse Shaft - Defense

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From its humble beginnings, the Carbon family of shafts has relied on technology to driveperformance and build trust.Now, the Carbon Pro 3.0 is here tocarryon a proud legacy of eliteperformance.

Crafted for elite playmakers,everyCarbon Pro 3.0is reinforcedwith Kevlar to give you the feelyou want with the durability you need.Each shaft features a specific shape, flex profile, KickPoint, and redesigned raised texturetailored for specific playing styles. So,while you’relandingkayak checks,throwingno-look passes, and firing blistering shots you can trust that your shafthas your back.

Defense (60 in)

Kevlar reinforcement for increased durability.Raised texture for maximum control.Low Kick Point paired with a FLEX3profile for stability and control.Sliding End Cap for your customization.