ECD Infinity Pro Women's Complete Lacrosse Stick

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This set-up is for the players who think pretty good isn’t good enough. For the players who won’t stop until they are the best ever. For the players striving for perfection. The new Venom Pro pocket features thinner crosslace, an optimized Venom Runner, and our new Control Rails which work together to provide more feel, more control, and more consistency game after game, so you can chase perfection.

Infinity Pro Head

Our patent pending Diamond plastic, provides a 10% decrease in weight and improved stability across temperatures. This head is extremely lightweight, perfectly stiff, and wildly good looking.

Venom Pro Pocket

With thinner crosslace, an optimized Venom Runner, and new Control Rails, this pocket has been redesigned to provide more feel, control, and consistency.

Infinity Pro Shaft

The most advanced shaft in our line, built for the modern playmaker looking for 100% control 100% of the time. The Infinity Pro shaft uses advanced carbon fiber materials and manufacturing techniques to provide unmatched feel and control.