EPOCH Dragonfly Elite Lacrosse Shaft - Defense

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Description :
  • The Dragonfly Elite Defense/LSM is a must-have shaft for high-level defenders who are looking for gear that will take their elite game to new heights. With impressive Epoch technologies and multiple iQ Flexes and geometries, it’s in a class of its own.
  • It’s right for you if…
  • You fit any of these player profiles:
    • Power - Flex iQ2xl(C60xl ONLY): You’re a close defender who needs extra mas for checks and driving the opponent away from the net.
    • Power – Flex iQ3: You defend hard, throw precision checks, and look to get the ball up the field as quickly as possible.
    • Speed – Flex iQ8: You consider yourself an aggressive LSM or offensive-minded defender who needs a shaft that is strong enough to defend the goal with a soft enough flex to bring the ball through transition.
  • The tech you get…
  • Epoch’s Advanced Carbon Layering (A.C.L.), HD Resin, Surface Veil Technology (S.V.T.), and Reload Technology engineered to increase durability and expertly control certain aspects of performance like flex and release point. Plus, the Elite Defense/LSM has a Toughness Level of 3 to stand up to checks and impact. The Dragonfly Elite Flex iq2xl and iQ3 come in a full 3k for additional durability. While the iQ8 has intelligent weave for the speed defender who wants to shoot on the run-in transition.
  • Geometries:
    • C60 – Traditional Concave Geometry. Most popular.
    • E60 – Ergonomic Geometry. Ultimate Control.
    • X60 – Xtreme Concave Geometry. Exceptional Feel.
  • The final word:
  • It’s a high-level shaft for elite level defenders who want exceptional control and ultimate performance out of their gear. Engineered with nearly all of Epoch’s proprietary technologies, it breaks through the limits of performance.
  • Why you’ll love it:
    • Epoch offers an industry-best 1-year warranty on all of their Dragonfly shafts
    • Like all Dragonfly shafts, the Elite Defense/LSM is Made in the USA
    • Carbon fiber composite material blends a lightweight and great durability
    • The Slip/Grip top coat optimizes feel in all weather conditions
    • It’s offered in 3 different geometries that cater to your personal preferences on feel and control
    • You’ll feel the difference in your shots, passes, and checks in the moments it matters

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Breaking The Mold Once Again: Dragonfly Select, Pro and Elite

BREAKING THE MOLD ONCE AGAIN Since the beginning Epoch’s number one goal has always been to give players the most innovative and technological advanced equipment. In 2011 we took our initial step towards that goal and introduced our first Dragonfly, setting the bar for lacrosse shafts. Through every Dragonfly generation we have engineered and designed Epoch-specific technologies, giving us an arsenal of innovation no other company has. This year, we have taken our vast portfolio of technology and improved our processes to give you not just one shaft but a collection of highly engineered Dragonfly shafts never before seen in Lacrosse. For 2019 we introduce our 10th generation Dragonfly line, featuring the Dragonfly Select, Dragonfly Pro, and Dragonfly Elite. These Dragonfly shafts are engineered with the most cutting-edge technology right here in the USA at Epoch’s very own Factory. We research, design, engineer and manufacture all in-house, allowing us to constantly innovate. We are once again giving players more options for their style of play. With the introduction of the Dragonfly Select, Dragonfly Pro, and Dragonfly Elite we are once again setting the bar for shaft technology and innovation. Choose your Dragonfly today and join the carbon fiber revolution.