Maverik Ascent+ Womens Full Mesh Complete Stick

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The ASCENT+ is tenacious in unsettled situations. The 22° RELEASE ANGLE™ allows for accurate passes and high-powered shots on the move. With enhanced stiffness provided by XRAIL technology and a new soft touch grip finish, this is the complete package for the elite player. 

  • 22° RELEASE ANGLE™ creates maximum offset allowing for ultimate ball control while cradling, passing and shooting on the move
  • Mesh and braided runner pocket system paired with our 22° RELEASE ANGLE™ increases shot velocity
  • Full mesh pocket system paired with our 22° RELEASE ANGLE™ increases shot velocity
  • Complete with the 7/8" Ascent+ shaft featuring a soft touch grip finish and a molded butt end. 

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Maverik Ascent Plus - Compete Above

Don’t just compete… compete above the competition with the ALL NEW ASCENT+, the best women’s elite complete we’ve ever made. Two pocket variations, both our variable diamond full mesh with nylon runners and our 4 diamond mesh runner with braided nylons offer instant break-in and unbelievable hold. A magnetic-like sweet spot rewards players up and down the field with the ball control every position craves. Add a featherweight carbon shaft with a soft touch grip finish, our signature molded butt-end, and the package is complete. Experience the Ascent+. Now available in 8 different color/pocket combinations at your local retailer. https://maveriklacrosse.c...