Mueller Kinesiology Tape

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  • Designed to help provide support to muscles and joints without limiting the range of motion. Mueller Kinesiology Tape features a revolutionary wave pattern adhesive that moves with your skin and muscles as you heal. Apply it to the skin in patterns to mimic your muscles.
  • Helps restore function to injured, sore, or weak muscles and joints
  • Aids in the treatment of painful musculoskeletal conditions
  • Helps relieve swelling and edema
  • Complementary to many treated modalities
  • Helps to maintain flexibility
  • Wearable up to 5 days
  • Adhesive is mild and hypoallergenic
  • Assists rehabilitation when using the kinesiology taping method
  • Versatile enough for 1,200 recognized applications

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Mueller Kinesiology Taping Techniques — Pro Tips for Better Application

Top athletes around the world use kinesiology tape to help them get the most out of their bodies. And you can, too. Mueller® Kinesiology Tape helps reduce pain while supporting your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Better yet, the tape moves with you. That means whether you’re training for a half-marathon, playing sports, or working hard, you’ll feel comfortable wearing Mueller® Kinesiology Tape. #kinesiologytape #gymwear #howto #tapingtechniques Visit https://www.muellersports... to view our wide selection of kinesiology tapes.