StringKing Women's Complete 2 Pro Midfield Lacrosse Stick - Tech Trad Pocket

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The best women's lacrosse stick for midfield. The Complete 2 Pro Midfield lacrosse stick delivers everything you need to perform as a middie. Featuring the versatile Mark 2 Midfield head, new and innovative tech trad mesh pocket, and your choice of carbon fiber or metal lacrosse shaft. Get consistent, balanced performance for the all-around lacrosse player. Shop the Complete 2 Pro Midfield women's lacrosse stick now.

Dominate the field with explosive force using the new Tech Trad pocket. Its unique design delivers faster shots and unrivaled control.

Experience dynamic control on the field with the innovative Tech Trad pocket. Maximize ball retention and gain a game-changing advantage.

The Tech Trad pocket conquers all climates. Weather-resistant materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure optimal performance in any condition.

The reliable, consistently playable Tech Trad pocket has high tenacity runners and a long-lasting design to help you perform at your peak in every season.