STX Stallion 1K Unstrung Lacrosse Head

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This is the head that started it all. First launched in 2005 by NCAA champion and Hopkins alum Kyle Harrison, the Stallion quickly became the best-selling midfield head in the game. While each iteration met the current demand for innovation, the Stallion still stayed true to its roots at its core. 

  • More Horsepower—The Stallion legacy continues with the 1K, an elite-level head designed for the all-around midfielder who covers the full field and plays to win.
  • Ultra-Lightweight Construction—The hallmark innovation in the 1K line provides players with a head that’s lighter than nearly any other on the market without any severe tradeoffs in
  • terms of durability.
  • Enduring Durability & Stiffness—A proprietary plastic compound from STX, EnduraForm™ provides lasting toughness and rigidity, holding up to swift checks and head-to-head impact as
  • players wind up and follow through with their shots.
  • Quicker Ground Balls—Speed Scoop™ technology protects the top strings and reduces drag for easier ground balls, providing attackers with quickness needed to scoop up rebounds and fire a second shot off quickly.
  • Also available in CHROME. Shop now
  • Weight: 135 grams