TRUE Natural Girls Lacrosse Shaft

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  • TRUE TEMPER is always pushing the limits of how to make the best lacrosse handle in the world. In their quest to find new performance materials, they discovered a newmaterial that dampens vibration while maintaining an added benefit of being more environmentally friendly.
  • Introducing the NATURAL handle featuring BioFLAXTM – a revolutionary material made from renewable biodegradable flax that is built into TRUE's COMP 4.0 standard composite construction. This new prototype material dampens vibrations and increases durability.
  • TRUE is committed to changing the game – in both product performance and in their footprint that they leave for future generations. While this is only a small step, all big things start with taking that first step.
  • The next material revolution has begun: Natural is the first lacrosse handle to feature BioFLAXTM – a biodegradable flax material layer that dampens vibration and is more environmentally friendly.
  • This BioFLAXTM layer is built into TRUE's most popular and best-selling Comp 4.0 composite handle.
  • BioFLAXTM composite dampens vibration to the hands versus standard alloy lacrosse handles on stick to stick checks.
  • TRUE was able to increase the overall durability by over 10% while maintaining the same weight as their best-selling COMP 4.0.
  • The flax material is derived from a renewable resource making it more eco friendly as compared to other synthetic fibers.