Under Armour Emissary Womens Complete Stick

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style :
Description :
  • Includes Rail Pocket & Composite Handle
  • Narrowest Silhouette 
  • Allows for the most channeled front pocket
  • Flat Bottom Rail 
  • Lowers center of gravity while keeping pocket shape in tact at ball stop for better catching
  • Lightweight and Rigid 
  • One of the lighter heads in the game, but not flimsy
  • Best Pocket 
  • Tapers to scoop sooner than any other stick
  • Maximum Front Pocket


  • Pocket choice of most collegiate teams, the Rail is rthe softest pocket you can have
  • Premium pre-streched leathers keeps mainenance at a minimum
  • Tapered Rail allows the ball to ride comfortabaly in the sweet spot
  • Meets all NCA/USL specifications