Warrior Burn Lacrosse Helmet - Customizable

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  • Matte Finish Shells: Please allow 3-5 days for production before shipping time.
  • VICONIC PROTECTION - A historic approach to head protection focused on safety first. Focused impact zones in the occipital lobe and temples are reinforced wih a lightweight diffusion
  • plate called Viconic. Viconic absorbs miltiple impacts both linear and twisting and spreads thema cross a wide surface area. The Diffusion of force is not one material's responsibility. The one-piece shell and EPP foam filling liner is the core of safety, forming a lightweight barrier that helps provide protection against catastrophic injury.
  • JAWS Protection is an integrated chin piece flowing into the shell of the helmet adding an extra layer of protection to the cheek and jaw bone.
  • ADAPTFIT 270 by BOA - Located in the rear of the helmet, the BOA Closure System surrounds the head 270 degrees, giving players a custom fit helmet for safety and comfort by allowing micro-adjustability on the fly. Dial in the perfect fit.
  • BURN COMFORT LINER - made of energy absorbing VN Foam to provide an elite level of comfort and protection.
  • Expanded base to provide the best in class ease of entry.
  • Offered in three sizes (L, M, S) to provide each player the correct shell size to provide the proper level of comfort and protection.
  • Select from 15 shell/chin colors, 10 mask colors and 8 chin strap colors and select decal package options.
  • Meets/Exceeds all NOCSAE Standards and SEI Certifications
  • Weight: Small - 2.25 lbs / Medium - 2.4 lbs / Large - 2.6 lbs
  • *Sticker decal options shown in red*

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Introducing the Warrior Burn Helmet

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